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We are Epic reporting consultants

We are experienced Epic reporting consultants with a passion for improving patient care by developing reports, analytics and dashboards.


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Epic Reporting & Data Analysis

Certified Epic Consultants
Specializing in Epic Reporting Modules
Capstone Approach
Certified Epic Consultants
Pursuance Health has certified Epic report writers and has a history of working with large organizations. We understand the complexity of the Epic data model, and can help deliver robust reporting solutions. We take a consultative approach to development that goes beyond simply "putting" a developer at your disposal.
Specializing in Epic Reporting Modules
In Epic, the reporting suite is called “Cogito”. At Pursuance health, we support all data models within the cogito platform including clinical, access and financial areas. Examples of the Epic modules include: EpicCare Ambulatory, Epic Beacon Oncology, Epic Beaker, Epic Bridges, Epic Cadence and more.
Capstone Approach
Pursuance Health uses a capstone approach that saves you time to hire the right resource. We take all the necessary steps from gathering the requirements to hire a suitable developer.
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Healthcare Data Analytics

Pursuance Health’s mission is to make your data talk.

Pursuance Health provides detailed reports, dashboards and data that can help your company enhance patient care, financial decision-making, quality reporting, operations management and regulatory compliance.

Business Intelligence

We can simplify your user experience by utilizing multiple reports and business intelligence systems. A single gateway that consolidates all of your reports and optimizes your data needs.

Data Analytics

We offer solutions to address all of your healthcare data analytics needs at Pursuance Health. Our query templates let users focus on the information that matters the most.

Clinician Services

We work directly with healthcare providers who are struggling with obtaining the necessary information in order to perform patient care.