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Working in a quiet environment is the ideal scenario for you. You’re perfectly content just focusing on your work without a ton of social stimulation. It’s not that you dislike interacting with other people—it’s just that too much of it makes you feel a strong urge to recharge alone. You’ve learned that situations involving too many people make you feel drained, and you’d rather not deal with that every single day at work.

When you look around at job options, healthcare keeps rising to the forefront of your mind. But are there good healthcare jobs for introverts?

It’s true that when thinking of healthcare careers, the nurses, medical assistants and pharmacy technicians that may immediately spring to mind seem to interact with people day in and day out. But don’t let that lead you to believe introverts can’t find a good fit in healthcare—there’s huge diversity of healthcare careers out there, and several options can mesh well with an introverted personality. 

Pair that variety of roles with a healthcare field that’s continuing to grow—the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects healthcare occupations to add approximately 2.6 million new jobs from 2020–2030—and that’s good news for you!1

4 Careers in healthcare for introverts

Like it or not, human interaction is obviously going to play a role in every career—there’s no escaping it. But that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck in a healthcare role that forces you to be “on” socially at all times. These positions typically offer a balance that most introverted people can thrive in:

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